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At present, our church tapes all messages by Dr. Daniel, but does not have a tape ministry for distributing the tapes.  Copies of the 75 tapes on "The History and Theology of Calvinism" are available for purchase or loan from:

Mt. Olive Tape Library
P.O. Box 422
Mt. Olive, MS  39119

A Syllabus for the entire series on Calvinism is available.  It is 500 pages, hardback, and sells for $30 plus $3 postage.  If you wish to order a copy, please contact the following:

Good Books
2456 Devonshire Road
Springfield, IL  62703

1. What is Calvinism?
2. Augustine and Pre-Calvinism
3. The Reformation
4. John Calvin
5. The Spread of Calvinism
6. The Synod of Dort
7. The Puritans
8. The Westminister Assembly
9. Covenant Theology
10. High Calvinism
11. Amyraldism
12. Calvinistic-Antinomianism
13. Hyper-Calvinism
14. Eighteenth-Century Calvinism
15. Jonathan Edwards and New England Calvinism
16. The Princeton Theology
17. Nineteenth-Century Calvinism
18. Calvinistic Baptists
19. Dutch Calvinism
20. Calvinistic Philosophy
21. The Theonomy Movement
22. Neo-Orthodoxy
23. Twentieth-Century British Calvinism
24. Twentieth Century American Calvinism
25. The Sovereignty of God
26. Predestination
27. Foreknowledge
28. Objections to Predestination
29. The Providence of God
30. The Will of God
31. Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility
32. Prayer and the Sovereignty of God
33. The Glory of God
34. The Origin of Sin
35. Providence and the Problem of Evil
36. Original Sin
37. Total Depravity
38. The Bondage of the Will
39. Total Depravity and Human Responsibility
40. Unconditional Election
41. The Election of Grace
42. Election and Foreknowledge
43. Election in Christ
44. Objections to Election
45. The Destiny of the Elect
46. Practical Implications of the Doctrine of Election
47. The Doctrine of Reprobation
48. The Hardening of the Reprobate
49. The Destiny of the Reprobate
50. The Relation of Election and Reprobation
51. The Order of the Decrees
52. The Election of Angels
53. The Election of Dying Infants
54. The Destiny of the Unevangelized
55. The Covenant of Redemption
56. The Active and Passive Obedience of Christ
57. The Extent of the Atonement
58. Limited Atonement
59. Objections to Limited Atonement
60. Irresistible Grace
61. The New Birth
62. The Gift of Faith
63. The Order of Salvation
64. Common Grace
65. Preservation of the Saints
66. Perseverance of the Saints
67. Objections to Eternal Security
68. The Reformed Doctrine of Scripture
69. The Two Natures of Christ
70. The Reformed Doctrine of the Church
71. The Reformed Doctrine of Communion
72. Reformed Evangelism
73. The Practical Implications of Calvinism
74. The Future of Calvinism
75  An Introduction to Calvinism